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DirectTV Equipment

DirectTV Receiver

Unmatched TV enjoyment is always just a click away with the DIRECTV Receiver. Personalize your channel selections with a customizable guide. Search up to three-and-a-half days of TV listings. Control what your children are watching with Parental Controls. And more.

DirectTV Receiver Features (PDF)

DirectTV HD Receiver

See what your HDTV can really do. With the advanced features of the DIRECTV HD receiver and DIRECTV HD service, you'll enjoy TV like never before. Get up to 1080i picture output for an incredible life-like viewing experience.

DirectTV HD Receiver Features (PDF)

DirectTV Plus DVR

Get 100-percent digital quality picture and sound - plus all the convenience of digital video recording. You never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again. The DIRECTV Plus DVR lets you watch them whenever you want.

DirectTV Plus DVR Features (PDF)

DirectTV Plus HD DVR

With the latest DVR and HD technology rolled into one easy-to-use unit, the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR will change the way you enjoy home theater. Images are sharper. Colors are brighter. Sound is crisper. And now they can be recorded.

The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR also gives you access to thousands of movies and shows - including many free titles - whenever you want with DIRECTV on DEMAND.

DirectTV Plus HD DVR Features (PDF)

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